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Current Prices
24 carat £ 43.70 per g
22 carat £ 40.00 per g
18 carat £ 32.80 per g
14 carat £ 25.50 per g
9 carat £ 16.40 per g
Sovereign £ 339.00
Krugerrand £ 1441.00
Silver .925 44p per g
Silver .500 23p per g
Correct at 14.08 on 25th February 2023

Prices are based on payment by Bank Transfer. We will pay a total of 2% less for a cash transaction.

These prices are for Scrap Gold & Scrap Silver.

All Bank Transfers will be completed by the end of each working day
(i.e. 4pm)

Welcome to Alton Gold Buyers!

We are interested in buying ANY unwanted Gold or Silver you may have for sale for an on the spot cash settlement!

We pay top prices for Gold and Silver within the Alton area*
*Please be aware, our buying prices may be subject to hourly fluctuations, and may differ by up to 5p due to rounding.

What we buy:
We will buy ANY Gold or Silver items - here is a list of just a few things we will happily buy over the counter:

*Jewellery (Including broken jewellery)
*Coins (Such as Pre-47 coins, Sovereigns and Krugerrands)
*Cutlery and other flatware
*Tableware (Such as teapots, trays etc)
*Miscellaneous items

We also buy Platinum and Palladium. Please contact us for our current price.

If you are unsure if your item is a precious metal, feel free to bring it into our shop, and we will be happy to help.

How to sell to us:
The best way to sell to us is at our shop premises in Alton, Hampshire.
We will weigh your items, and make you an immediate cash settlement.
We only buy from over 18's, with a form of identification.
Alternatively, if you have a number of items for sale, we are happy to do a home visit . Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in buying or selling coins, please visit our site

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